Saturday, July 17, 2010

FO: Lovegood

This is a cardi that I have wanted to knit for a very very long time. I'm sure it was ever since Canary first showed her design. But I only started seriously thinking of making it around last fall. I wanted to have a summery cardi ready on time. However, I was not very sure of using Manos Silk for it. I've only used that yarn for a cowl and it did grow quite a bit with wear. Then, I saw a version by Ellen who used some linen/cotton blend and I knew I'd go for a similar version.

The reason I finally chose Rowan Denim were all the cute Kim Hargreaves patterns and the stunning FOs that were turning out. I knew it was the right yarn for a lacey cardi. And I got the right gauge on 3,5mms.

Oh yes, there is a button missing right at the top - somehow I didn't get enough buttons. However, the shop where I got them isn't far away and they still carry them, so this will be improved. :)

The only note to the pattern: the lace section is really confusing, but once you get it figured out, it is all very straightforward. Rica has put the  lace pattern  into a chart, which might help if you are about to knit this.

By the by, I am not producing these FOs on a daily basis. This has been finished for a while now and only today did I get round to posting it.


  1. It's gorgeous!! I love the yarn you chose in the end, and the contrasting buttons are amazing on it. Great job!!!

  2. Beautiful, and thanks to your sister to be such a nice model!

  3. Love love love your blog!!! Nice nice to meet you & thanx for nice comment on my blog!

    Now I will take a long look in your cyberhome!


  4. the buttons match the lipstick. ;)

  5. I love how the red buttons go with the blue cardi! It's lovely!

  6. I love that little cardi! perfect yarn choice!!

  7. This is a perfect summer cardi, such a pretty blue and lovely lacy pattern.

  8. It's amazing, love the collor and little buttons you used.
    And nice blog!


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