Thursday, July 15, 2010

FO: Lace & Cable socks

 Another Wendy D. Johnson design. It is a very straightforward pattern. I cast on for size S (increased to only 58 sts) as the medium seemed to be too wide for my feet. I got the gauge right, though, this time.

I used up 63g of Regia 4-ply. It was a 100g skein, so I started some striped socks in order to use up the rest. These should be called World Cup 2010 socks as I knit them primarily through the soccer matches.


  1. wow, I love these socks!! they look amazing.

  2. Great colour! Don't you love how some knits remind you of what you were watching/hearing/doing while knitting them? They become a time capsule of sorts. I wasn't able to knit while watching the tournament; it would have been a very tightly-knit garment! ;)

  3. Awesome socks!!! You really inspires me to knit some socks!!! I just wish I had more time for it...


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