Thursday, June 10, 2010

should I start crochetting now?

OK, the below is not convincing me to do so...

Neither does Cate Blanchet in this questionable dress-version.

But if anyone can revive it, then Kate Olsen seems to be the one. Weirdly, it feels wrong to actually want to own this and I'm sure I can wait this urge to crochet out...

P.S. All pics reposted from here.


  1. whoa, a granny square explosion!! I think those granny square blankets can be really awesome, especially with fresh colour choices. I normally love Cate Blanchette, but that dress.... not so much.

  2. Just wait a week. If you still want it then, then you can think about contemplating it... :)

  3. Oof, all are a bit overwhelming. Generally, granny squares are good for afghans and little else, most certainly not dresses!


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