Tuesday, June 8, 2010

fighting the jetlag

As it is still hard to get back into the normal rythm, I spent this night sorting my travel pictures and chose some to share with you.
The weather was fantastic (as you can tell), only in Boston did we have some shower rains, which were in fact very awaited. The food was delicious and in general, this was a far better trip than we expected. :)
I'll spare you the pictures of all the yarn I got. This indeed turned into a yarn tour for me.


  1. Spare us of the pictures of yarn! Why, that's exactly what we want. Yarn pictures, pleeeeease! : )

  2. I'm impressed that you found good food! Well done :) Looking forward to seeing pics of yarn.

  3. Very nice fotos and I am looking forward for your fotos of new yarn!!

  4. Wow, the weather looks amazing!! I love your photos. Where did you go??
    Can't wait to see the yarn you collected on the way.. hehe.. it's like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow :)

  5. wow, looks like it was an amazing time, and such sunshine!!


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