Wednesday, May 26, 2010

yarn tour

Today we went to Marblehead, MA and strolled around downtown. I love colonial style houses. First, we had great breakfast at Foodie's Feast. I had a delicious blueberry banana scone that looked more like a giant chocolate chip cookie that swallowed a pancace than a scone that I know from the UK. They had different brewed coffees and it's a funny little place that is a liquor store as well. In fact, we were sitting at an adjacent room surrounded by shelves and shelves of alcohol. That doesn't bother us. A pity it was that early in the morning.

Afterwards we stopped at the Abbot Hall and took a look at The Spirit of '76 (IPhone pic here).

On our walk through the town I discovered a yarn store - A Yarn Over Marblehead. I didn't pick any yarn from here. They carry Cascade, Noro, Debbie Bliss, Plymouth and others. I wasn't able to choose any appropriate sock or lace yarn, so I just looked around. There seemed to be a knit gathering going on, so I felt a bit like intruding.

We then set on our day tour that included a planned stop at Seed Stitch in Salem (they were closed on Monday). I got some Spud & Chloe's Fine yarn in light blue and some Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold (I'll add some pics here once I get back). As to the shop, I found it to be a nearly-perfect LYS. The yarn selection is great, the interior is colourful and spacious. There's enough seating for those who have to wait. ;-) And the staff is helpful and friendly.

We then drove to the Plum Island and enjoyed some beach time. Yes, out of all places, it seems that here we're getting sun tanned and the brave one even jumped into the cold ocean water. Not me.

Before driving off to Portsmouth, our stop for tonight, we visited Newburyport. The city has quite a different feel to it. It looks grey and gloomy compared to the colourful houses of Marblehead.


  1. Thank you for your friendly comment on my blog. I am very impressed by the things you have knitted. Love to see more from you.

  2. A yarn tour sounds like fun! I live in the part of the country where you visited, so it is nice to find out about some local yarn stores near me. I want to see yarn photos though!


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