Saturday, May 15, 2010

trip planning

Quite an unexpected vacation to plan, but a very welcome one. We're not quite sure yet if these are the final stops we will make, but this will be finalised soon as we will be in Boston next Sunday already!
What I am not sure of is places to visit in Vermont. Is it worthwhile driving all the way to Burlington? And since Connecticut is also a New England state, I surely need to build a stop there as well.
The important thing is though highlighted -  a stop in Northhampton. This gives me yet another urgent task. I need to check my Ravelry queue and make plans for all the beautiful yarns to buy. :))))


  1. As soon as I saw "Vermont" I wanted to shout "Burlington, Burlington!" Seriously, it's one of the nicest places I've ever been to, the town is wonderful, there is a gorgeous lake and mountains in the background... And the drive up to it is heaven as well (I have to say when I did my roadtrip in New England the driving was my favorite - endless roads surrounded with thousands and thousands of trees...). So I'd say go for it! : )

  2. Hey! I'm from Vermont, and think if anyone visits New England they shouldn't miss it. Burlington is an awesome city on the beautiful Lake Champlain, and going for a wander along Church Street, especially at this time of year, is always wonderful. Lots of great places to eat and people watch.

    And it's not in the center of the city, but Kaleidescope yarns is a great shop in Essex Junction, just nearby. Enjoy New England!

  3. Hi both,

    as I could not mail you directly, here's the answer.

    I'm very much looking forward to all the driving. I'm sure it'll be great and we decided to go up to Burlington.

    I also checked knitmap for knit shops - I see there are actually two near Burlington.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  4. I'm origionally from Burlington, too. I agree with Laura about Kaleidescope Yarns. It is one of my favorite LYS. Have fun!


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