Tuesday, May 25, 2010

shopping in Salem

Sorry, this will have to be a picture free post - those will be added once I get back home and can use my own pc.

So, the flights went well, none of the bags went missing and knitting needles were allowed. I actually got quite a bit knitting done - simple striped socks for him, no particular pattern used. I got up to the heel, but then could not seem to get the short rows right. The heel looked just not right. So, I ripped back and waited for landing so that I could go online and check it out. I ended up using this tutorial and it was great - no wraps are used, go check it out.

Yesterday we spent a day in Salem - a beautiful town. We quickly realized that we were not prepared for such warm temperatures (well, we had only rain for weeks and weeks and weeks in Zurich, so we kind of forgot what the sun looks like). We hit the mall and got some shorts. Two weird things that happened there:
- My husband wore flip flops and when he sat down and waited for me outside the store, he slipped one foot out of it. Promptly, there was a policeman who told the sir to please put his shoe on! Now come on! What's that about? Although, I  was happy that my dear one did not question this authority (see, he normally does).
- I tried some stuff on, did not like most of it, but wanted my dear to see how one pair of shorts looked like on me. So I asked him to come and check it out. Now, the lady at the dressing rooms looked at us as if we were going to do hell-knows-what in there and got really emotional about us not-doing-that. And this I also do not get. We've had this experience in the UK as well. I think it's annoying. I can decide on my own if stuff suits me or not, but sometimes I like my husband to have a look at it as well. And I do not want to put the piece of clothing on and get out of the dressing rooms on display for all to see. It's either a very German/ Lithuanian to do or else we just happen to meet weird shop keepers. I wonder if it were the same if we were older, like erh... 80?

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  1. as atradau, kad Hobbs turi geriausius persirengimo kambarius. - erdvus, su normaliom durimis ir sienomis, o prie ju yra laukiamasis su sofa. tai tik atidarius duris gali spet pasirodyt.

    tiesa, vot cia Hobbs laikoma jau tokiu vyresniu motereliu parduotuve...

    dziaugiuos, kad kelione gerai sekas x


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