Sunday, May 16, 2010

FOs: socks yet again

I have two finished knits to show today. Again, two Cookie A's designs. Above is the Kai-Mai pair that I absolutely love. It was fun to knit as it went super fast, there were rows and rows of ribbing and just when it was about to get boring, I reached the heel and the great lace pattern. Just a note: I am not sure if this pattern works well for people with smaller feet.

Below are the Sam socks.I am not that happy with this project.First, for some reason the cable pattern was really annoying. Not sure why, but I had to keep putting this project away. Secondly, the yarn is not as great as I thought it'd be (it's Plymouth Happy Feet). Also, just a note for those who might want to knit this - you might want to go up a needle size for the cable section. The sock becomes quite unstrechy due to all the cabling and it's a bit hard to get the foot in. Once in, it fits nicely. Also, I used up pretty much all the yarn and did only two cable repeats instead of three.

All other details, as always, on Ravelry.


  1. Great job on both pairs! I think the yarn/pattern combo works better for the Kai-Mai socks. LOVE the honeybee pattern wrapping around the foot!

  2. They are both really nice. I really like the cabling on the first project, I have very small feet so I may have to find another project with the same pattern..

  3. Lovely knits! I'm not a big sock knitter, but if I were, I'd be putting the Kai-Mai pattern in my queue for sure.

  4. i love the top pair so much, i want my own... i have rather large feet, so that should work for me lol. thanks for the inspiration and great job!


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