Wednesday, April 7, 2010

socks in progress

I got Cookie A book Sock Innovation as a present and I got to tell you - the designs are amazing.
These are my current WIPs all out of the said book: Wanida (greenish Wolle Roedel yarn), Sunshine (yellow Zen Yarn garden sock yarn - a dream to knit with!) and the purplish skein (Sweet Georgia Tough Love) is about to become a Kai-Mei pair.
This is the first time that I knit socks top down and it is not as bad as I thought. I also get to finally try my set of Knit Pros. OK, I can totally see why some people prefer this over toe-up-method, but the kitchener stitch is really killing me. I've lost my tapestry needle in one of the country moves, which makes the whole 'excercise' harder than it should be. Oh well...


  1. Awesome they look amazing! such great bright colours, too.

  2. I am always so excited to see new sock projects.
    So inspired by your posts, I started one but have only done the toe!!
    Hope you had a great Easter.


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