Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oma's Stiches #1

My hubby's grandma was a very passionate knitter. She used to use each free minute to knit or to mend the knits (usually socks). She was also the one who re-inspired me to knit again almost 10 years back. Around 3 years ago Oma stopped knitting due to arthritis and then dementia. I've been thinking for a while to write some blog entries on her knits that still keep her family and the memories of Oma warm.

First up is this Irish cardigan/ jacket. It was knit sometime in 1967/1968!!! My MIL went on a trip to Ireland then and fell in love with cabled cardis. She bought some wool + buttons in Ireland, brought them home and Oma knit her a cardi based on a sample.

Amazing, this cardi survived all these years!!! I easily see this passing on to the next generation.

OK, it is a bit too big and maybe not that flattering on me, but I love it. I had it on just the other evening when it got too cold outside. It is sooo warm and cuddly.

And all the cabling?! Awesome. I really want to copy this and make one as well.

Never done pockets before, but such a cardi needs them.


  1. wow, what an amazing cardigan, and it's so wonderful that your Oma has this legacy that she can leave to you and others. Just incredible.

  2. Still a very classic and beautiful cardi!!!
    I can't wait to see your version :)

  3. That's a gorgeous knit, I'm so thrilled for you it's survived so well and is still wearable. I think it looks great on you. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow. That is beautiful! I can't imagine making something with that much detail.


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