Monday, April 12, 2010

FO: Wanida socks

Pattern: Wanida by Cookie A.
Needles: 2mm Knit Pros.
Yarn: some kind of Wolle Roedel Sock yarn. I can't find the label anymore, but will figure it out one day as I have one more skein of it left in Lithuania. Anyways, was not too impressed with it. It's knitting up ok, but I prefer Regia sock yarn which is about in the same price range as Wolle Roedel one, and comes in nicer colours.

These were my first 'backward' socks. OK, I think I remember knitting some socks in the 5th grade or so and I think we were using this method, but that does not count.
Up to now, I've avoided queueing up sock patterns that were not toe-up simply to avoid learning how to do it top-down. I guess now I'm good to go. But still, I'm a total toe-up knitter. And you?


  1. Awesome socks!! they look amazing.

  2. Nice!
    My first socks were cuff down, and so I automatically think that way, but can totally understand the idea of knitting toe-up, especially when it comes to customising fit!


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