Sunday, January 3, 2010

with FOs into New Year

First, happy New Year to all! I hope you had a great festive season and are ready to get back to work/ studies. I spent a lot of my time inside (it's sooo cold round here right now) with family & friends and with some knitting.
Here are some quick FOs that were asked for by Jan and finished just in time.

I wanted to try out some Noro yarn and since I was able to get it at my LYS, I used it for both the mittens and the hat. Mittens is the Knotty pattern. I made a mistake in the cable pattern on the first glove, so I knit the second one also just like that. There's just some extra cabling that shouldn't be there and I don't think anybody can notice it that easily, so the mistake stays. I knit these on 2.5mm circulars; it took me only 3 days to finish these (but ages to finally weave in ends).

And here's Turn A Square by Jared Flood. I modified the pattern to be able to use fingering weight. I combined Noro Sock Kureyon with Drops Alpaca and am VERY happy with the result.
BTW, after knitting the mits and the hat, there's still about half a skein of Noro Sock Kureyon left! I think there's enough for a hat + mitts/ handwarmers for me. I just have to find the right patterns for these so as not to look too dorky by having identical stuff as him.


  1. I love that noro! What perfect colours for -20 deg c weather.

  2. wow, that glove is gorgeous and the hat is very cute. Great job!

  3. Nice gloves, and I agree that the hat looks quite manly and perfect for winter.

    Was it quite fiddly doing the fingers?

    P.S. Happy New Year!

  4. What superb finished items!
    Loving them :D
    Happy New Year and hope the year 2010 will bring you lots of happiness and good health to you ;)