Sunday, October 11, 2009

FO: Kunterbunte Longstockings

Hah! This is my try to get most of the colours into my sock drawer with one shot. ;-)
A friend went to Shoppel-Wolle shop in Germany and I asked her to get me Grashalm and Frische Fische skeins of Zauberball. So, I got almost 200g of each out of the rests' section! There will be more socks coming out of this yarn for sure.
I used Knee Socks! by Diana of Streets and YOs pattern for this. It was the first time that I tried the turkish cast-on and I got to tell you - it rocks. I'm convinced from this toe-up method totally. I used 2.5mm circulars. Love the magic loop as well.

Unbelievable - I really never thought I'll become a sock-knitter (nor a lace-knitter, for a matter of fact), but here I am. And there's more of both to come.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

oh how I want to fast forward to this

and have such a full and colourful drawer of socks...
Found on flickr. RavID: chawne.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ugg boots? Well yeah!

Especially since they started this knit line. Check out here. I never thought I would be considering these shoes, but thanks for the tip, sis...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

FO: Taming The Mohair Monster

I was asked to knit a top. Something simple, the person said. Tight fitting, knit in rib around the waist, U-neck. Easy, I thought. I immediately pictured a flying fox (by canary). That was before I saw the yarn that the lady wanted her top to be of.
Then I thought whatever I knit, it'll be meant to land on this site.

This was a challenge. I knew I could not put any kind of pattern into it - the thing would be just crazy, so I started a top-down raglan, did simple increases. Straight after the bust - a k2, k2tog, yo row, then off to k2p2 - and that's it.

To bring in some femininity - I added a ribbon and tied it to a bow. Actually, I'd love the bow to be more dramatic and way bigger than what it turned out to be. This ended as is just 'coz I didn't find a wider ribbon.

I must say, sometime through the creation & knitting process, I fell in love with this mohair monster. And my head is already full of possible siblings to this one.

Yarn - some kind of mohair (not even sure what). Knit on 4mm circulars.