Thursday, September 17, 2009

shoe problem

To what kind of shoes should I move to for the winter? After 3 months in Yara Birkenstocks my feet feel cramped if I put any other shoes on. Also, heels are a no-go. I feel like falling down each time I have them on. So I need help - cool weather is moving in and I have no wearable shoes so far. Any suggestions out there?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FO: Diamonds

Here's a quick FO to prove I've been knitting. OK, I started this in January - and sent it to hibernation just shortly before binding off the first wrist warmer. For no real reason. I was considering making an opening for each single finger - but could not find a good description of how to do it. And once I did, I realized that my stitch count was not quite working for it.

Details and general notes: this is a very straightforward pattern, I used up all of my 1 Cascade 220 skein (I even had to go back and cut off the ends to be able to finish the thumb). Were I to knit this again, I'd do some shaping to make this a tighter fit - it is quite loose. And for some reason my 2nd wrist warmer turned out bigger (I guess my knit tension changed with all the rest in between). I used 4,5mm circulars.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

barbecue season is over

And here's someone who'll be missing it most. For different reasons. There will be no abundance of meat until next year. And at his age you never know whether you'll see next summer. Or whether you'll have enough teeth to chew a bone.

He knows how to get most out of a nice barbecue evening.