Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FOs: socks for me + him

Well, sock-knitting is addictive. These two pairs were a joy to knit. First, both are toe up. Secondly, cast on using Judy's magic cast on. OK, Firestarter might look better in a variegated yarn, but there are so many sock patterns by Yarnissima that I still want to try out, that I'll get my chance to do so some other time.

This pattern is by another toe-up guru, Wendy D. Johnson. I loved the pattern, it was not too boring, but easy-to-memorize at the same time. I also got to use up every bit of yarn (another advantage of toe-up). I knit both socks at the same time after seeing a friend knitter do so. Thus, no second-pair-syndrome here. However, I'm experiencing sleeves-syndrome at the moment. This one project needs sleeves urgently, but I do not manage past few rows now and then. I'm not getting anywhere with it at this speed. Oh well...


  1. very cute! I'm just about to make some house socks for Rog. It's freezing here!