Friday, November 27, 2009

FO: Yellow bee socks

I had this urge for yellow socks and I've been eyeing this pattern ever since I saw Jasmine's version here.

This is a nifty pattern, but it leaves quite a bit room for 'designing your own' sock. If I take on this ever again, I'll leave out the 'swarm' section and rather do more of the bee sets.

Overall, it is a pattern that needs quite a bit of focus whilst knitting. I took the second sock to my knit-circle last night (was right at the 'swarm' section) and did not utter a word. I didn't want to mess it up shortly before the finish line.

I'm afraid that's how yellow they are! :D


  1. they are very cute, aren't they! I love how the pattern is open to interpretation, too.

  2. Your socks are really cute. I like the lace at the top.

  3. Lovely socks! You made me wanting to knitting some socks, too :)

  4. Oh I love them. They are so lovely especially the detail around the cuff is amazing!

  5. Those are very pretty! don't you just love knitting socks?!