Sunday, October 11, 2009

FO: Kunterbunte Longstockings

Hah! This is my try to get most of the colours into my sock drawer with one shot. ;-)
A friend went to Shoppel-Wolle shop in Germany and I asked her to get me Grashalm and Frische Fische skeins of Zauberball. So, I got almost 200g of each out of the rests' section! There will be more socks coming out of this yarn for sure.
I used Knee Socks! by Diana of Streets and YOs pattern for this. It was the first time that I tried the turkish cast-on and I got to tell you - it rocks. I'm convinced from this toe-up method totally. I used 2.5mm circulars. Love the magic loop as well.

Unbelievable - I really never thought I'll become a sock-knitter (nor a lace-knitter, for a matter of fact), but here I am. And there's more of both to come.


  1. those socks are so awesome!! great job, the stripes are perfect.

    - Julie

  2. The socks look gorgeous! Sometimes I see lacy socks by Cookie A and they make me yearn to learn how to knit socks one day.

  3. Wow, I love this color combination!!!
    Definitely, makes me want to knit socks too ;)

  4. Those are gorgeous! Stripey socks are my favorite!

  5. Oh I love your socks! What a fabulous colours. I saw the wool at the knitting and stitching show in London. I was very tempted!


  6. Cool! I love love love the stripes!

    Magic loop is so good : )