Tuesday, December 30, 2008

FOs: Winter stuff

A scarf and a series of hats. I don't know what hit me this December, but I just couldn't stop knitting hats. I guess it's enough for this winter, although I'm still trying to figure out what hat I could knit for my sister. After that I'll focus on spring knits, I hope.

#1. Stripy scarf. Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood. I knit this on 5mms, using Lana Grossa Royal Tweed. I had some Royal Tweed in yellow left from my textured tunic and I thought it would be great for a scarf. The other three colours are all shades of brown. I bought a skein in each colour (except for the yellow) and used nearly all of it. The recipient seems to be happy, but I haven't seen him wear it ever since, so I guess this hasn't been such a good colour combination after all.

#2. Xmas hat. Pattern: Robin's Egg Blue Hat by Rachel Iufer. This was knit also on 5mms, using Lana Grossa Bingo (just a bit over 1 skein). This is a very straightforward pattern and really easy to knit. I've seen at least 3 other versions of it on Ravelry by now, but there's no major difference between them. This one was easy to follow and the result is great.

#3. 20's belle. Pattern: Side slipped cloche by Laura Irwin. I still had ca. 1,8 skeins of Cascade Heathers from Cobblestone left and I really like this colour - so I made myself a hat.

#4. Purple braid. Pattern: Sideways Grande Cloche by Laura Irwin who is really a genius. I like her different approach to design. This girl thinks out of the box.

#5. My Unoriginal. Pattern: An Unoriginal Hat by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I was totally inspired by annypurls version. That model is beyond cute. My version is a hat for this skiing/snowboarding season. I used Cascade Magnum and did a repeat less of the pattern. You're interested how the snowboarding went? I was totally a butt-dragger the first 2 days, then I hurt my wrists, was sitting on a mountain in the Swiss Alps and was crying out of fear I wouldn't be able to knit anymore.

#6. Red buttons argyle. Pattern: Argyle lace hat by Laura Irwin again. This girl rocks and I will for sure try out her other designs out of Boutique knits. My version turned out to be way slouchier than it is supposed to be (couldn’t quite get the gauge with this yarn, but hey, I wanted to use this one). No modifications done, I think I would do several lace repeats next to each other were I to do it again.

#7. Stripes for him. Pattern: "That chocolate gone straight to your ribs" hat by Leonie Connellan. Again, I used the bits and pieces of Cascade 220 that I still had left from Cobblestone and my Back-2-School vest. He wanted a simple hat, now he's got it. ;-)

I'm looking forward to a bigger project now - a sweater maybe?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy solstice!

This is a Swarovski Xmas tree in Zurich. It's just the top of it; the precious stones are of course out of reach. ;-) We spent the day in town, had the most delicious sushi at the flashiest bar yooji's. My cold seems to be gone and I'm excited about my first snowboarding experience tomorrow. I'll be sure to post about that!

6pm and it's that dark! I'm wearing one of my new hats, but I'll blog about them once I get a chance to take some decent pictures.

These two ladies are the best about our friend's flat. Unfortunately, he cannot remember anymore where he purchased them. And the signature of the artist is, as usual, hard to decipher.

I wish you all a nice holiday season,


Sunday, December 14, 2008

FO: Maze

Here it is, the long awaited textured tunic. It's been finished for awhile, but there's been no sun whatsoever for the past few weeks. That is, until today - we actually got to see some blue in the sky! The first thing that I did was get out and take some pictures. I still haven't blocked this one, but I couldn't miss this one sunny day, could I?

It fits nicely, I omitted the slit at the front only because I could not find the right button. Thus, there are no buttons at the side slits either. I added some waist shaping on both sides, but didn't overdo it. You can click on either of the pics to get a better view.

It is a nice colour, the yarn is so soft. OK, the thread looks different from what I'm used to, but it knits up nicely.
I used 5mm circulars this time, I tried my new bamboo needles and loved them. I guess all that I have to do know is to finally block this one.