Wednesday, November 26, 2008

an explanation

OK, my last post didn't give enough explanation as to why I got into this destructive mood. So here it is.

As I went into my lys to get some tips on the knitting tension, I learned a lot about drape and the feel of a knitted garment. The shop owner let me feel some of the knitted items that were displayed and explained why some of them were knit a bit too tight and why the others were just right. And she showed me how to recognize that on a knitted garment.

The conclusion was: I was about to finish a sweater in a too tight tension. This meant that the stitches would not be able to move against each other. I knew I was going the wrong way and had to start over.

A week later and I'm about to finish the last sleeve. So, in a couple of days I'll be able to show off my tunic sweater, which fits perfectly, and I already can't wait to be able to wear it.

Meanwhile I'm also pondering which of the three I should knit first.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The frog queen

What do you do if you cannot sleep and are only rows of finishing your sweater?

Exactly! A couple of hours later you have loads of yarn, cast on again and go to sleep. I'm so relieved now that I've done it.

This will be back. So will I, but first I have to get some sleep.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I searched weeks for Royal Tweed by Lana Grossa in colour 34. Ever since I saw the Fitted Knits book I wanted this tunic. In exactly same colour. Finally, I found an online shop that had it, so I ordered 8 skeins as most of the knitters needed around 6-7 skeins and were saying 8 is a very generous calculation. Now, I did not take into consideration that I'm quite a loose knitter and that I have to go sizes down with the needles to avoid my knits looking like nets. So, for this pattern I use US4 (3.5mm) instead of US10 (6mm) circulars! Had I done my math, I would know that this will take up way more yarn. I'm just about to finish the 5th skein and I know I will have to start the 6th to at least reach some decent length for a tunic. But will there be enough yarn for both sleeves? I already checked - the online shop sold the last 8 skeins of this yarn to me.

Act of desperation: I went to a lys and asked for some lessons how to improve my knitting tension.

Monday, November 10, 2008

FOs: staying warm

This is the famous Foliage hat. It's such a simple pattern, but the effect is great. I chose Lang Merino 70 Superwash yarn for this, which is a merino extrafine with a tiny bit (2%) strechy polyester mixed in. It's soft and is definitely a great choice for a hat.

With the left skein of yarn I decided to make a scarf/neckwarmer that would go with the hat. Initially I wanted to improvise and just use the foliage pattern for a scarf as well. But then I did not feel like thinking too much ;-), so I chose Branching Out. The sentence that convinced me to go with this pattern was this: "Gauge is not crucial." This meant that I could stick with the same yarn I used for Foliage and have a matching scarf.

I knit both on 3.5mm/US 4 circulars (really, I use circulars for everything). I'm sure I'll use Foliage pattern again. After all, my sister also wanted a hat. ;-) I'm into accessories and want to knit loads of hats, mittens, wrist warmers, scarfs, etc. and totally dream of this. Oh yeah, I still have a free wish for my birthday!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

FO: Cobblestone

I have been knitting all this time. And here's the result. It's perfect. The pattern is well-written, easy to follow and great for movie&knit evenings. It'll easily become his favourite sweater, so I'm already browsing through Ravelry and looking for other men sweater patterns. With no luck so far.

Details: knit on 3.5mm (US4) circulars. Yeah, I must be a totally loose knitter because I usually have to take several sizes smaller needles. I swatched (!) with 4.5mm and 4mm circulars and did not like the look of it at all. Had I gone with the larger needles, the sweater wouldn't be as snug, I guess. But he likes it this way & I do too.

The yarn that I used is Cascade 220 Heathers and the colour is sea blue (#4005). I used only 5,5 skeins out of 7, so I still have some left for a scarf or something. I love this colour.

Other news knitwise: I've knit and frogged the back section of my Phildar cardi. I'll try to modify the pattern a bit and knit the whole thing in the round. I'll let you know how that goes.