Saturday, May 31, 2008

smartass vests

I'm not really a person who wears vests that much, but I feel I could use one for work. I cannot turn up looking like a student who's come dressed ready for the next party. I need to look more like "look I've just been to the library"-type. So far I've found this Honeycomb vest by Sarah Castor. This is sooo the library type.

My other choice would be Back-to-school Vest by Stefanie Japel. I've been dying to knit one of Stefanie's designs ever since I got her book. And this looks like a simple pattern to start off.

I've been browsing through Ravelry (oh, my invite came surprisingly fast, in just about 7 days!), 'coz towards the colder months I'll be needing more of those. I'm looking for some distinguishable designs, no plain stockinette knitting, so if you have a pattern you love, please let me know.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

the shape of things to come

Mistake #1: It's nowhere a beginner pattern. It says that intermediate skill level is required, but due to quite a variety of patterns it's more than just increases/decreases that you have to do. Knitting is math.
Mistake #2: I've chosen a different yarn. The yardage is almost exactly the same. It's 312m per 50g. The mix is pretty much the same, except for the 37 % viscose bit instead of 40% wool. I want this to be a summer top. And who wants a wool top for summer, right?
When I checked my gauge on 8mm (US11) needles, I noticed that it was all just wrong. That was way too airy, and it was pretty clear that taking three or four strands of yarn (instead of two) just wouldn't help. It all looked like a fishing net! So I tried smaller needles. Way smaller. At the moment I'm knitting on 2.5mm (US1.5)! Yes! This means I have to do loads of modifications.

Despite all the trouble, I like the way the pattern looks like and the shape that the whole "thing" is taking. I like that it's thin and light. This will be a wearable top (fingers crossed). I hope.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FO: Juliet

Juliet is done. And I quite like the way this cardi turned out. I started the lace pattern immediately after binding off the sleeves and was thinking of knitting the cropped version, but because of the overall (quite flared) style I decided to go on for a couple more rows.

I wish I had taken a snapshot of the cute pearly button as well.

I used 7 skeins of Siena Big Merino Wool (50g/ 80m) and knit with 5.5mm needles. I didn't follow the pattern throughout, since I chose some different yarn. I think it's important to try Juliet as you go along, so that it fits under the arms. I guess it'd be easy to make a less flared version of it (see Drops site) by making less increases in the set up row for body lace pattern.

All in all, a great pattern from the Zephyr Gals. And a happy Juliet recipient.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

running at the very end of Ravelry waiting list

We've had some great weather over here these past two weeks and I try to get back to my sports rhythm, which basically means to leave the couch and run every other evening or so. I'm very motivated, I've even started taking step aerobic classes, which are really fun. And this is all due to the fact that I bought a new bikini, my main motivator to stay "on the right path".
I've done some knitting as well. I hope to finish Juliet this week - I have only about 10 rows to go, then it's all the weaving to be done. Raglans rock! I do not like seaming. I've shot some pictures, but the colour doesn't seem to come out right. I just hope that when the recipient puts on the cardi, there'll be some sun out for great FO pictures.

Yes, I'm knitting a cropped version, but this time it's not for me. My very good non-knitter friend, Steffi, will be wearing it. I like the pattern and one day I'll knit one Juliet for myself as well.

Oh yes, I've tried registering with Ravelry, but there are around 3000 people ahead of me on the list, so I guess I'll have to wait awhile.
I've made my own list, and that is "next on the needles". There are way more projects that I want to knit, but I want to include only those projects to the list that are really going to be my next ones. For the Dreamer and Drops jacket I already have the yarn. I can't wait to start Twinkle's Dreamer.
The next list that I'm looking forward to adding to my sidebar will be called "Finished objects". I set myself a goal of 5 knitted pieces otherwise it's not really a list, is it?

Monday, May 5, 2008

FO: Ophelia

Today I want to show you a FO that's been successfully completed at least a month ago, but I never had a chance to make some nice pictures until now. It is an Ophelia cardi. This wonderful cardi was created by a mingled yarn, a very inspiring knitter/blogger.

Just look at this nice lace pattern! This was one of the fun parts in knitting this cardi. It looks more complicated than the actual knitting, which went surprisingly fast. Well, it is one of the more advanced patterns that I've ever knit and I was happy that I had no problem whatsoever following the instructions.
The only problem is that the front is curling a little bit inwards - I might have to do another row of crocheting. I definitely want to sew some hooks and eyes to the center front, but I haven't managed to do it yet, which is partly due to the fact that I am wearing this cardi quite often.

I am also very happy about the colour I chose, and the new wool and linen mix is nice to wear when it's warm outside. I get so many compliments on this cardi and it makes me such a proud knitter, which is all thanks to a mingled yarn for sharing this pattern.