Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy solstice!

This is a Swarovski Xmas tree in Zurich. It's just the top of it; the precious stones are of course out of reach. ;-) We spent the day in town, had the most delicious sushi at the flashiest bar yooji's. My cold seems to be gone and I'm excited about my first snowboarding experience tomorrow. I'll be sure to post about that!

6pm and it's that dark! I'm wearing one of my new hats, but I'll blog about them once I get a chance to take some decent pictures.

These two ladies are the best about our friend's flat. Unfortunately, he cannot remember anymore where he purchased them. And the signature of the artist is, as usual, hard to decipher.

I wish you all a nice holiday season,


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  1. have a great time snowboarding. be careful and wear a helmet!


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