Monday, August 11, 2008

and shoot!

Have you heard this story yet? That's really sweet. Katerina wanted to talk to Matt and try to make him feel better when they met during Olympics 2004. Four years later, they're married and she's a gold medalist. These Olympic stories are great.

I've been doing some knitting already - I've worked on my Phildar vest, which is going along great. Today I got my Cascade Magnum. The skeins are huge! But I love this Midnight Heather colour. My picture is not that great, but I'll make sure to get some nice pictures of my fo once I get there.


  1. i am OBSESSED with the olympics! what a great story.

  2. Hello...just wanted to let you know i love your blog, and that story is so sweet! what are you going to make with your yarn?

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