Wednesday, June 25, 2008

sports break

I've been tagged by A Homely Heroine. So here I go with my answers.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
In 1998 I was finishing my exchange year in the US. I was nowhere exciting – in the very south of the sunflower state (i.e. Kansas), in a small city that is called Arkansas City. But the people from there call it Ark City. I think around this time of the year I was preparing to go back home – maybe I was already on my first visit to Chicago, doing loads of sightseeing.
So that was the year when I actually did get to go on yellow buses to school. I ate loads of brownies and chocolate chip cookies (not for breakfast, though) and gained loads of weight. I lived with a high school teacher and another exchange student from Brazil. I wish we were more in touch, but this is partly my fault - I should write to them more often as well.
But the best thing about my exchange year is my dear one. I met him back in 1998 on a bus trip (not a yellow one this time) to Washington, DC and New York. Two years later we met again and have been together ever since.

2.What are five things on my to-do list?
Right now? Well, watch the football (AE= soccer) match between Germany and Turkey, read my book (Mark Haddon “A Spot of Bother”) and get ready to go to sleep.

3.Where have I lived?

I grew up in a small village in Lithuania. Here's a picture of somewhere in Lithuania. I love the many lakes and the fact that you can actually go and swim in them.

Then I was an exchange student in Ark City, KS, US. Afterwards I lived in the capital city of LithuaniaVilnius – for two years. Here's Vilnius from the top of (almost) the only hill around. Vilnius is a nice green city.

Then I moved to Krefeld, Germany. Since then I’ve lived in Stuttgart, then near Landau (Pfalz), near Heidelberg and in Darmstadt, Germany. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about it – I spent my university exchange year in Nottingham, UK (and absolutely loved it!). I had baked beans and bakon for breakfast. McVittie's HobNobs are still my favourite cookies.
Here's a picture of Heidelberg Castle.

4. What would I do if I were a billionaire?
This one’s easy. It’d mean that I’d have all the time in the world and would be able to do things that I want to do and not the ones that I have to. Yes, I want to buy time with the money. Time to enjoy life.

Now I tag Aesthetic Entanglementz, Knitting deLila, Knit Lit, Wooly Stuff and Opportunity Knits because I'd love to get to know you better, girls.


  1. That is so cool that you met again after two years! I'm so jealous of all the places you have lived, Lithuania looks beautiful.

  2. I like your pictures too! Heidelberg castle looks amazing, as does Lithuania. What did you think of Nottingham?

  3. Wow, Vilnius is beautiful! Ken and I have to make a trip there sometime.

  4. I would buy time as well. Great idea. Loved learning about you.

  5. hey, so what did you make of the "Spot of Bother" book?
    I'm gonna go back to Victoria-Library-Book-Club, have a few books on my list to read! so excited;)


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