Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FO: Juliet

Juliet is done. And I quite like the way this cardi turned out. I started the lace pattern immediately after binding off the sleeves and was thinking of knitting the cropped version, but because of the overall (quite flared) style I decided to go on for a couple more rows.

I wish I had taken a snapshot of the cute pearly button as well.

I used 7 skeins of Siena Big Merino Wool (50g/ 80m) and knit with 5.5mm needles. I didn't follow the pattern throughout, since I chose some different yarn. I think it's important to try Juliet as you go along, so that it fits under the arms. I guess it'd be easy to make a less flared version of it (see Drops site) by making less increases in the set up row for body lace pattern.

All in all, a great pattern from the Zephyr Gals. And a happy Juliet recipient.


  1. Nice version of Juliet! I like the bright color, and I think the longer version is really nice - good choices!

  2. It is gorgeous! Fabulous job and such a pretty color for spring and summer. I love the wearability of this pattern.


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