Thursday, April 24, 2008

FO: Rebecca cropped cardi

It’s finished. But the combination of this style and this colour is just too much to get accustomed to it that easily.

I found 8 skeins of this great wool in my hubby’s grandma’s stash. The yarn is quite thin, so I actually had to double-strand it for this pattern. Halfway through the pattern I was worried it wouldn’t be enough to finish the cardi. I even contacted Austermann to check whether they have anything similar just to find out that they haven’t been producing this silk and new wool mix for the past 20 years.

The pattern itself was quite easy to follow and I do like the stitch and the cables.

Hmmm…. I cannot quite make up my mind whether I like it or not.


  1. hey...

    you said you want to destroy it (isardyti?!) no!!! please don't, i like it, I can already picture myself wearing it with my crazy yellow dresses; or it would go well together with that light white-brown dress you left a year ago... no, I think it'll come handy so please neisardyk, parvezk namo, o tada nuspresim, kaip geriausia panaudot butu....
    grazus yra, graziai numegztas:)

  2. I actually really, really like it! I would totally wear it and I love that color. I would say keep trying it out and if you find you don't wear it at all then rip. But give it a shot! I like your MUCH better than the one in the magazine picture. Good job!

  3. I LOVE this cardigan! Which issue of Rebecca is this from? I must find it!


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