Friday, April 11, 2008

entering the blogger world

Hi! My name is Siga. This will be my blog on knitting (mis)adventures. I have been reading many great blogs from other knitters and decided that it's time to join this wonderful community.

Knitting-wise I am an advanced beginner who desperately wanted to knit Norah Gaughan's Capecho. I fell in love with the pattern the moment I saw it. Well, the project is still on, I didn't get discouraged from all those misfortunes (yet) and one day I will be able to present you my finished version of the Capecho-Craze. I don't know how that's gonna happen, but before the end of the year I hope to be able "
to embrace my inner capecho".

Let the blogging begin...

1 comment:

  1. advanced beginner - LOL;)

    nice pic of urself! xo
    keep it coming:)