Wednesday, November 5, 2014

who am I to disagree

A well-known armchair by a Swedish furniture place has a matching footstool. And there's even a kiddo version of that popular armchair that my daughter owns. Well, lately she was complaining how she had no stool to put her feet up. And since the Swedes do not have a kiddo version for that  (because let's face it - how many three-year-olds want to put their feet up and just sit and relax?), I decided I could knit one.

It was done in one afternoon, the only problem left was to find the right materials to stuff it with. After much thought and research, I went with duvets of which I needed three from the same well-known Swedish place.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

in progress

I've been good - I swatched, multiple times. Blocked, checked for gauge and then cast on. Reine in BT longjohns colourway. This yarn is sportweight or dk in my books and I would much rather see it knitted at a loose gauge (like 18sts to 4"/10cm), but I won't argue with those who know before I've seen a finished project myself.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

cleaning up

I just cleaned up my Ravelry queue, deleting many items that I had in there with no specific yarn/ recipient on my mind. The two projects which were meant for me that I decided to let go were Sixareen Cape and About Town skirt.

© Kate Davies
I love Kate's designs but I have yet to knit one myself. And whereas I love the thought of this cape, I have to admit that I am not excited about the colour choices and the fair isle pattern itself. Kind of late to come to realize this, since I got the pattern with the kit. The yarn is lovely, though, and I am sure I will find other use for it.

© Carolina Gongora
Now this skirt, I have already started knitting once, but for now I just give up. The instructions are not clear enough, I don't seem to get any help on this. Oh well, you get what you pay for. That's a lesson for me to better pay more for the patterns to get better quality and support when needed.

My queue is down to 26 items, but I know I can do even better.

Monday, March 10, 2014

the start into 2014

I’ve written this post over and over, and no, it’s not a good-bye. I miss this space, but the time is scarce and I hardly get to sit down and write it all down, the way I want it, without interruption, without my thoughts wandering off only to come back and write it all fast without a coherent how did we get here.

Lagamta and all that’s attached to it is taking up most of my time. Fb, Pinterest, Twitter, all need their time and I haven't been much of an online person until now apart from Ravelry, my Feedly reader and this blog. I'm joining the conversations out there more and more these days, which felt unnatural first, for an introvert like me.

Yes, I'm happiest alone or with those closest to me. Give me some yarn, a good book, some good tv series, and the time will fly without me missing anyone for days and weeks. I have my little family and I treasure our times together, this is a tough and demanding time to be a parent, but I know that we’ll cherish these memories once our daughter is grown. And our knees might hurt this evening from having played tigers, lions, wolves and cats for all afternoon, but we will never regret having spent time with each other.

The new year has started and I also want to review 2013. Fairisle did not happen. In fact, it was a fail. I started Ursula cardigan with such a joy, all my attention was consumed by it. I already envisaged how I was going to wear it, I adore the design, the wool, it seemed a perfect match. What I did not consider, was that this wasn’t a pattern for my body. With no shaping, it’d have turned to be a nice embroidered sack. I tried putting in some waist shaping, but it was not working. In short, I haven’t touched this project in months. I cannot bear the thought of ripping it out, but that’s what’ll have to be.

So what's in for 2014? I decided I'll go from Amy to Stephen and back. If I want an item that should fit, I'll turn to Amy's designs and especially her custom fit website. If, however, I want a crazy item without thinking about fit or future wearing/not wearing of the clothing piece, I will turn to Stephen West and alike designs that have no intention of having to fit.

Again, some random numbers "at the start of the year":
- 185 Rav projects, 38 finished in 2013, which might be wrong as I did not care to double-check it twice.
- 45 items queued, yes, I cleaned up the queue, 2 items have made it into queue in 2014 already.
- no new chocolate cake recipes learnt last year, I know now how to make a fool-proof Flammkuchen.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

old news; Stephen-West-worthy

If you're on Ravelry, then you've seen these pictures already. This is my Paris sweater, a very mindless knit that used up my scraps of some sockweight yarn and proved to me that I am ready for my very own Enchanted Mesa. I am picking out some special skeins for that.

This sweater was started with what now is my "back side", Noro Kureyon Sock. I started adding some brown garter stripes in a discontinued Schoppel-Wolle yarn here and there. Then I realized that I had nowhere enough of Noro to finish this, thus, I mirrored the whole thing for the front, reversing the colours. When I was done, I saw that I still need some length and Noro yarn was gone, so I took in some red Wollmeise for garter stripes and the same brown Schoppel-Wolle for the stockinette area. Once the needed length was achieved, I cast off.

This is the most fun knit that I LOVE wearing. And I've converted two knitters who thought Paris was not flattering to knitting this pattern as well. Right now, this is the most me-knit that I own. Brown? Tick. Red? Tick! Not off the rack? Tick!

My lesson from this is: I will knit either knit customfit or Stephen-West-crazy garments.

Friday, November 22, 2013

yet another week

This year is seriously flying by. This morning we woke up to this...

That is good news to me. The past weeks have felt like snow was near. It was chilly and all autumn I planned knitting camp out wrist warmers for my toddler but never came round to it. It was too late for wrist warmers, we seriously needed mittens. Finally, last week I knit these in an evening. The pattern is very recommendable, it's spot on for my two-year old.

I used Schoppel-Wolle Gradient leftovers, and I still have more than enough. Maybe I will make a few more. Toddlers loose things, right?

Speaking of Gradient, I recently visited Schoppel-Wolle factory shop in Wallhausen and got two other skeins that were meant to become something (maybe Christmas presents). And I just knit two cowls according to the same pattern

One in blue...

And one in black, which is still drying...

The blue skein had two knots in it, which was very disappointing. I could not use some of the yarn as the joint was becoming too obvious.

I used 4mm needles for both cowls instead of 5mms, which makes for a denser yet also a shorter cowl. This goes very fast, so if you are looking for some Xmas knitting, this might be a pattern for you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Friday, November 15, 2013

working towards the better

There is something that I have been working on for a long long time now. It is hard to pinpoint the inspiration part - there have been so much. The knitting, the sewing and crafting blogs. The wish to be a better employer. The wish to make clothing better.

I still have much work to do on the site and the pictures of products will be uploaded soon, but to my blog readers, who have known me for a long while and who have most likely also inspired this, I am offering a discount till December 12th. Just enter "blogfriend13" and you will get 25% discount of the purchase price.

Please come and find my winter collection here.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

FO: Esjan in fall colours

A must-knit. This shawl is big, warm, has interesting details and went fast. What more can a knitter ask? It is really a very clever construction. 

This was a first Stephen West pattern for me. You may think of him whatever you like, but he is one of the most creative knitting designers out there. His pictures led me to think he was a creatively chaotic type. Or maybe chaotically creative? His patterns are surely not boring. His patterns clearly stir up the knitting world on Ravelry. Just check out the comments on his latest designs.

As the quality of knitwear patterns varies greatly, it was a relief to see Stephen's clearly and meticulously written instructions. He's a professional and no wannabe. And in support of him I'm purchasing definitely one pattern out of The Amazing Sweater Trio.

For now I am cozying up in this. Don't be jealous, just get out your yarn and knit! :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

season's colours on the needles

As if there weren't enough projects on my needles, I decided it was time to cast on for Esjan shawl by Stephen West this week. My version will be much more colourful than Mr. West's (which we all know is hardly ever possible) and very fall-inspired.

I feel in a rut with all my three cardigans, so this is a welcoming change to be able to knit on 8 mm needles with worsted weight yarn. I might have an FO to show soon.